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Optimize Joint Health: The Prolotherapy Approach

Sep 25, 2023
Your knees enable you to stand, sit, and walk, while your spine grants the flexibility to bend, twist, and stretch. So, when these vital joints don't support you, where do you turn? Prolotherapy might be a good solution to your problem.

Every movement, whether it's tying your shoes or stepping into your car, hinges on the health of your joints. When these joints are compromised, every task can become a challenge. Prolotherapy might be the key to rejuvenating their strength, flexibility, and stability.

Understanding Joint Weakness and the Power of Prolotherapy

Why do joints weaken?

While many attribute joint pain and malfunction to arthritis, it's not the sole cause. Issues like bursitis, tendinitis, trauma, infections, and various illnesses can also be culprits. Here, ligaments and tendons play a crucial role. Tendons bridge the gap between bones and muscles, while ligaments link bone to bone. With a multitude of these fibrous structures in our body, each joint's smooth motion and resilience rely on them. Injuries or overuse can lead to these tissues stretching or tearing, resulting in weakened and unstable joints.

The Essence of Prolotherapy: Prolotherapy is a unique regenerative treatment capitalizing on the body's natural healing capabilities. It uses a natural irritant, dextrose, to stimulate self-repair. Through ultrasound-guided precision, this solution is introduced directly into the problematic joint. The dextrose instigates an inflammatory response, and while inflammation might seem counterproductive, it's a natural signal for the body to initiate repairs. Consequently, the body directs stem cells and growth factors to the distressed area, promoting the rejuvenation of compromised ligaments and tendons. This healing cascade bolsters the joints, enhancing their structural integrity.

What to Anticipate with Prolotherapy: Whether it's pain in the neck, back, or limbs, if Dr. Mansour advises prolotherapy, here's your roadmap:

  • Pre-consultation: Dr. Mansour evaluates your medical background to gauge your suitability for prolotherapy. Patients are advised to refrain from anti-inflammatory medications for several days preceding the treatment.

  • Procedure: On arrival, the targeted injection site is cleansed and anesthetized. Dr. Mansour then employs the Hackett-Hemwall technique, involving a series of 4-6 treatments spaced roughly a month apart.

  • Post-treatment: Some mild swelling or soreness may manifest post-injection, but these symptoms typically subside as the body kicks off its healing process.

Who Can Benefit from Prolotherapy? Consider prolotherapy if you experience:

  • Nightly shoulder pain
  • Bracing-improved joint pain
  • Activity-induced joint pain that alleviates with rest
  • Lifting-induced shoulder pain
  • Persistent whiplash
  • Symptoms post unsuccessful back surgeries
  • Sprains, joint dislocations
  • Joints emitting sounds such as pops, clicks, or grinds Research also indicates dextrose prolotherapy's potential in alleviating osteoarthritis-related pain and stiffness.

Take the Next Step: To explore prolotherapy's potential in rejuvenating your joints, schedule a meeting with Dr. Mansour at Mint Medical Center, Oakland, California. For bookings, reach out online or give us a call at 510-655-3456.